I went to Paris for 3hours … for dinner

Yes… I got onto a speed train from Brussels to Paris after work – in order to have dinner with my best friend from South Africa… before getting back onto the speed train to Brussels. 3hours worth of train travel for 3hours worth of dinner…

Was it worth it?


Not only did I have quality one on one time with my best friend from SA who was visiting a food expo in Paris for a few days – but we went to a wonderful restaurant directly opposite the Train station (Gare du Nord) called Terminus Nord.

Imagine stepping back in time… with Art Deco and Art Nouveau influences, chandeliers amongst copper, mahogany and mirrors – I felt like I was starring in my very own stylish French movie. Any place that has lasted since 1925 and has become an iconic venue is worth its weight in gold (in my books)

Shells had cleverly made a reservation – because without it – we would not have managed a table at all!! It is THAT popular! Although they had given away the table that they had originally assigned to our booking (a table for 2 in the centre)… we were then shown to a wonderful booth table which could have easily sat 4… so more grins!

And our waiter… our dear sweet waiter… who provided English menus, showered us with praise and attention and made sure that NOTHING was too much for him (whisking away dirty plates and replacing cutlery… and tut-tut-ing me when I wanted to pour wine into my own glass… shock and horror… yes, he would rush from the other side of the restaurant when my glass was starting to get a little empty and refill it from our ice-bucket bottle of Chablis)

Shells is like me – we are both *gourmand*… we love food… and are not shy about it.

Shells was drooling over oysters (she got 6 of the medium-sized ones from Normandy)- while I salivated over the Foie Gras option (served with spiced quince chutney and toasts)… so these were our starters:

We decided to share the Fishmonger platter – half a crayfish, half a crab, 3 LARGE langoustines – plus whelps (they tasted like rubber to me), shrimps and 4 deep-sea prawns

Plus a tomato and mozzarella salad (tomatoes on the vine, buffalo mozzarella, crisp lettuce leaves and rocket pesto)

All of this was delicious…  moreish… decadent… divine… *sigh*

and I shall name him *bean*

With half an hour still to spare before I had to re-board the thalys back to Brussels – we opted for a cheese plate (3 cheeses with salad and walnuts)

and some protiferoles with a Hot Valrhona chocolate sauce to share….

Shells and her chocolate… couldn’t even wait for the photo to be taken before dipping her finger into the sauce 🙂

More yumminess…

Would I go back again! YES YES YES

Terminus Nord

address: 23 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris FRANCE

telephone: +33 1 42 85 0515


Opening hours: 7days a week: Breakfast: 07h00-10h30 (Monday to Saturday) and 08hh0-10h30 (Sunday);  Uninterrupted from 11h00-00h00 (Sunday to Friday) and 11h00-00h30 (Saturday)


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