Ricotta and Parmesan Restaurant….

A while back – I visited the EAT! Brussels Festival hosted in Bois de la Cambre – which was truly one of the yummiest Autumn evenings that I had experienced in a long time.

The Portion of Prawn Risotto with Truffle sauce and Foie Gras at EAT! Brussels Festival

And of the fabulous treats that I managed to try out was a prawn risotto with foie grasfrom a restaurant called RICOTTA & PARMESAN … this will forever be the one item that I ate in 2012 that will stand out as the 10 out of 10 flavour explosion!

So when M mentioned that she wanted to check out their actual restaurant in Ixelles – I was bouncing up and down like a schoolgirl begging to be included.

Their interior is fun and quirky …

We had both had their risotto at the festival… and were determined to order Risotto á la chaire d’écrevisses, dés de foie gras parfumés aux truffes (20.90euros) again (it is now marked as a *new* item on their menu), but when placing the order with the waiter he looked confused and said he would have to check with the chef – after a few moments, he returned nodding enthusiastically … we were wrapped up in a bubble of excitement, until it arrived – after the above mentioned picture from the festival… I was a little disappointed with the presentation (risotto isn’t glamorous in presentation in normal circumstances – but this looked like slop) and I was 110% convinced that the piece of pate on the plate was NOT foie gras (without being a snob – I adore Foie Gras and yes, I know how it is made…but the creaminess and silky smooth taste is something that I indulge in when I can) and this… was not it… I felt somewhat cheated.

Having said all that – I must confess that the risotto was full of deliciously well cooked prawns and I enjoyed every mouthful (without making use of the foie gras combination)

the other plate that we shared – using their signature concept was choosing a pasta and then choosing a sauce. M selected the Truffe Noir & copeaux de parmesan (5.80Euros) with Tagliatelle verde (10,90Euros) and it was served on an enormous plate with a lot more flair.

Portion sizes were generous and barring the foie gras situation – everything tasted brilliant.

We finished off the evening with an Assiette gourmande < Dolce Vita > (8.90Euros) and decaf coffees – and these included 5 tasting portions (Chocolate mousse, tiramisu, nougat cream, pannacotta and some berries in a liqueur).

Would I go back? Undecided… as there are so many other choices available for a bowl of pasta and we all know that because of HIM – I am somewhat biased about La Piola in Chatelain. I felt a bit cheated with the risotto and really would have preferred if the staff had just said that they didn’t have Foie Gras and served us the Risotto without it…

Ricotta & Parmesan

Address: 4 rue Saint Boniface, Ixelles 1050, Brussels BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 502 0008

email: info@ricottaparmesan.com


Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday: 12h00-14h30 & 18h30-23h30


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