Get cosy in Cosi

A mere hop, skip and a jump away from my apartment in the thriving metropolis of Ixelles (and more importantly Place du Chatelain) is a wonderfully cosy little place called COSI, which has been around for around 18years!

With a very strong Italian theme – attention to detail (and taste) is taken to high levels of expectation.

This was my second visit (the first with M, where I forgot my camera and then completely forgot my worries and settled into a blissful consumption of 3 courses and now with Mr Draper for a quick catch up drink and snacks after my whirlwind trip to conference and Cape Town and his whirlwind travels around the world – *small note to add is that his latest trip to the East yielded a fabulous gift for MOI… a Madmen Joan long redhair wig… which I can’t wait to use for the upcoming Halloween party!)

I digress (what’s new!) 🙂

We ordered 2 starters to nibble on while we gulped sipped on some red wine… firstly, the CALAMARI FRITTI @ 6Euros (crumbed calamari rings) which can only be described as the BEST FRIED CALAMARI RINGS IN BRUSSELS (I am often in search of the perfectly crisp, not rubbery and not too rich fried Calamari ring… and this is IT!)

We also shared a portion of the BRUSCHETTA E CROSTINI @ 6Euros… and were once again graced with taste perfection (without blowing their horn too much – this isn’t a difficult dish to make – but you have to use good ingredients – bread, tomatoes, garlic and the best olive oil money can buy!)

If it wasn’t so late and I was hungrier… I would definitely have ordered a plate of pasta or their veal… as these are items that I enjoyed there the last time… and it was all so super delicious.

Would I go back again? YES… but remember that they don’t take the luncheon vouchers/restaurant tickets and a 3course meal can easily set you back… so not a cheap and cheerful place – but a very delicious choice! (AND they have an outdoor terrace!!)


Address: Rue Americain 95, 1050, Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 534 8586


Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 18h00-23h00


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