Goat viewing, wine tasting and scrumptious lunch at Fairview

I tasted my first Viognier at Fairview many many (many) years ago – when they were the first place in South Africa to offer this variety. I marvelled at the Goats and their tower and of course, I have enjoyed many a good meal at the Goatshed. So when I knew that there were 2 Europeans (one of which is my colleague) visiting South Africa for the first time – I knew EXACTLY where to take them out for a day of wine tasting and exploring.

We decided that the Paarl wine route was our expedition of choice and after stopping at 2 wine farms along the way… we landed up at the gates of Fairview, trembling in anticipation of lunch… followed by wine and cheese tasting!

A quick stop to say hi to the Goats is a pre-requisite…. and a photo opportunity… although they weren’t in the mood to do their up and down tower walk….

what would you name these goats?

The Goatshed, which is opened 363 days of the year offers a la carte bistro style menu – including cheese platters (made from both goat’s and cow’s milk)…. plus some gorgeous artisan breads.

Mom opted for the Lamb Curry – Fragrant lamb shoulder curry with basmati rice, fresh coriander, caraway yoghurt and manganello seed bread (R108)

hello portion size!

While Belgian Buddy had the Warm stir-fried springbok salad – venison strips with pesto drizzled roasted vegetables, baby leaves and crostini (R69)

And UK gal and moi were drooling over the chicken pie – lightly curried chicken pie served with rustic mashed potatoes and baby leaf salad (R69)

loved the cooked veg in the salad….and the pie was FULL of chicken, chef ain’t stingey here!

We opted to keep our lunch non-alcoholic – as we headed across to the tasting room and for a mere R25 – we enjoyed a Standard Tasting = wine tasting (6 different types) and a cheese tasting (5 different types) which is well worth the price… and if my suitcase wasn’t already full – I would have bought a lot more!

my first wine tasting choice – La Capra Pinotage Rosé: as vibrant as a summer fair, with aromas of strawberry and cherry in the air.

Would I go back? DEFINITELY…. in fact, HIM *might* be joining me in SA over Christmas this year and this will definitely be one of the places that I will be taking him to! (I have a *my favourite places in Cape Town* list that I will force him to experience ;))

Goatshed Restaurant

address: Fairview Cheese and Wine Farm, Suid Agter Paarl Road, Suider Paarl, 7624

telephone: +27 21 863 3609

email: goatshed@fairview.co.za

www.goatshed.co.za and  www.fairview.co.za

goatshe is open 7days a week from 09h00-17h00 (closed only on 25th December and 1st January)


2 thoughts on “Goat viewing, wine tasting and scrumptious lunch at Fairview

  1. Oh I am so jealous! I first discovered Fairview wines back in Canada many, many years ago… In fact it was back in my days of picking wine solely based on the label (Hmm, I still do that often). I love goats so of course a goat related wine was right up my alley. Over the years I’ve tasted many of their wines and I just about always love them. I would love to visit the winery and hang out with the goats for a while!

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