Sunshine, Friends and a GREAT sunday lunch at The Table at De Meye

Imagine a perfect Sunday…. can you see it?

Does it contain perfect summer weather, blue skies and just enough of a cool breeze to keep you from sweating? Does it include lifelong friends who enjoy good food and wine as much as you do?  Where the conversation never ends and everyone can just be themselves? And Finally… does it offer an afternoon, sitting outside enjoying delicious, mouth-watering and simple sharing food platters – all washed down with gorgeously crisp and dry Rose?

NO? Well – then you have never been to The Table at De Meye.

This wonderfully rustic and seasonal food experience is the brainchild of Camilla Comins & her husband, photographer Russel Wasserfall (and with the help of Camilla’s brother Jason in the kitchen)… they offer a 3 course menu for R250 a person using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

And although there is no opportunity to pick your choices off a menu, the sharing platters are reminiscent of Sunday family lunches (the good ones, not the ones where people fight or even worse, sit in front of the television to eat without muttering a single syllable to each other)…. and yes, it really does feel like you have gone to someone’s house for lunch, rather than the feeling of a *restaurant*.

So there we were – all 5 of us (and I have to take this opportunity to thanks Shells for organising this table for us)… sitting outside under the trees in the Stellenbosch Winelands, on a privately owned boutique winery,  enjoying the start of spring and all the excitement of more of these sunny friendship filled Sundays ahead.

The theme for that week was *Khanya feel it* (29 & 30 September) due to a 21st birthday for a gal called Khanya who was celebrating her party there on the Saturday evening – and boy could we feel it!

The starter was a large platter of spicy chicken liver salad (the name says it all –  gorgeous free range livers atop leafy greens and decorated with seasonal edible flowers and bacon)… Now I am not normally a chicken livers fan – but this was lovely.

what my starter plate of chicken liver salad looked like… pwetty!

The Main course was a rolled loin of lamb cooked with mustard and marjoram, served with French potato pie, roast beetroot salad and Moroccan-style carrot salad with fennel seeds. Yum yum yum!!

French potato pie…. by first experience… and it was delicious

carrot salad & beetroot salad

Rolled Lamb… with baby tomatoes on the vine…. *sigh*

my plate of main course… isn’t it gorgeous?

And finally, for dessert, we enjoyed a ball of chocolate ice cream and a ball of berry ice-cream in a sugar cone basket…

this was all washed down with more than one bottle of De Meye Rose (Shiraz) @ R60 a bottle….click here for more details about their range of wines.

Would I go back? *sigh* I would love to go back and spend another Sunday sitting outside under the trees in perfect weather, eating and drinking with loved ones.. so yes, I would go back 🙂

The Table Restaurant at De Meye

address: De Meye Winery, Muldersvlei Road, Stellenbosch (directions are as follows)

telephone: +27 82 252 9588



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