Blowfish – Imagine if everything else was as good as the view??

Don’t get me wrong – I have always been a big fan of BLOWFISH Restaurant on Marine Drive in Blouberg , with the most magnificent views of Table Mountain and Table Bay… and have never had a bad experience there until recently (and even this I can be forgiven as it is so minor…)

With a view like this…. from most tables:

a view like this from most tables… *sigh*….

through windows that span the length of the restaurant along with a menu that caters for most palates (and some of the most mouth-watering sushi and seafood items!)…. Mom, Aunt 1, Aunt 2 and I headed out for a pre-wedding scope-out of the venue (and of course for some lunch).

We were the 2nd table to arrive at 12h30 on a Monday… and were told that the kitchen would only open at 13h00… NO PROBLEM… we would take this time to enjoy the view, sip on some wine and just have a good catch up with each other. I also saw this as an opportunity to have a few words with their event manager who was aware that we would be around for lunch to discuss using the venue for a wedding in 2013… unfortunately, after 3 attempts through staff to get him to our table – he had disappeared.

This was however made up for by a wonderfully friendly young waiter who explained the Spring menu, took our orders and was very attentive (10 out of 10).

Aunt #1 had the Beef Fusion Salad (looked and tasted DIVINE… as I had stolen a piece – a fusion of flavours with tender, wok-fried beef cubes served atop a Greek salad)

Beef Fusion salad… YUM

Aunt #2 had the seafood pasta (and confessed that she normally gets food envy when other people’s plates arrive at a table, but this was one occasion where she was 101% happy with her choice – Calamari rings, black mussels, poached line fish and tiger prawns, cooked in white wine, tomato and clam sauce, served over tagliatelle)

seafood pasta in all it’s creamy glory!

While mom and I decided to try out the *Seafood platter for 2, served with a bottle of Wildekrans Sauvignon Blanc for R150* – it promised Grilled prawns, calamari and line fish served with French Fries and side salad (we asked for the french fries to be swapped out for rice and didn’t realise that this meant that we would forfeit the salad as well…and yes, I am guilty of not mentioning it at the time, but only realised that the salad was missing when I started to write the post). Although the seafood platter was UBER delicious (I really can’t fault them on their taste and preparation… the portion size (in my humble opinion) was perfect for one person (4 prawns, 1 piece of fish and a handful of calamari) but not for two people… but then again – at that price… do I really have the right to complain?

Am i just being a piggy – or do you think this is enough for 2people?

The wine, on the other hand was a fantastic accompaniment and Aunt #2 and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Would I go back? Probably… as nowhere else in CT has this kind of view and offers such good value for money when it comes to seafood and sushi. I would however not order from a specials menu again…. and rather opt for their normal menu instead.

Blowfish restaurant

address:  1 Marine Drive, Dolphin Beach, Blouberg, Cape Town

Telephone: +27 21 556 5464/6735



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