All you can eat sushi at Sake, Sable Square

I landed in Cape Town for a weeks holiday after a bit of a travel ordeal…

Imagine it – driving an hour and half from Maastricht in the Netherlands (which was where I had just spent 2days for company conference) to Zaventem Airport in Brussels, Belgium… to catch a flight to London Heathrow… then another flight to Johannesburg, South Africa and finally a flight to Cape Town, South Africa.

This alone is daunting… now imagine your flight from Brussels to London is delayed… and you only JUST land in London in time to run through passport control and the next set of security control (thank goodness it was all in the same terminal)… to arrive at your boarding gate 10minutes before gates were supposed to close – only to find the pilot and crew walking OFF the plane…

This planes engine(s) was no longer in the land of the living and we were informed of an expected 2hour delay while they sourced a new plane for us and that all connected flights would be corrected. Shoo – disaster averted! Unfortunately, second plane had a problem with fueling… so we watched as the fuel ran off the planes wings and fire engines cleaned up the mess…  and then only we were ready to board.

Flying cattle class has never been comfortable – but I did manage a few hours of shut-eye…. before I started my epic sprint between international and domestic terminals to catch my connecting flight to Cape Town (which had unfortunately already left)… so I was stuck in limbo… trying to find my luggage and an available seat on the next flight out (and lets not even start the discussion regarding how neither domestic or international counters would take responsibility to sort out the connecting flight :().

The good news is that things went pretty well and with only a 5hour delay in JHB …. I managed to turn a standby ticket into a real boarding pass and I was on my way to my family!

I arrived dirty, hungry and tired… but a quick shower, unpacking and a friendly smile, hug and chat from my mom did wonders for me… and then we were off to SAKE in Sable Square.

They offer an amazing special of R129 (yes, 13 Euros) ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI…. (not available for Take-away obviously), whereby you receive a tray and are able to help yourself from the Sushi carousel as many times as you like! If you want Salmon roses and Sashimi,you can order directly from the waitress but there is however a limit (only 8 pieces of sashimi)!

funky fish tank inside….

It was brilliant! The sushi was fresh – there was a wide variety of choices and not all of them conventional sushi choices… for example: spring rolls and deep-fried banana (with either chocolate sauce or fruit coulis)….  But all of it went down really well (probably, because as I already mentioned… I was tired and hungry)

clockwise from top left: chicken and vegetable springrolls, salmon and avo california rolls and prawn nigiri

Clockwise from top left: Tempura prawns, Bean curd sushi, chicken and veg springrolls, prawn and avo california rolls

Clockwise from top left: Tuna Californa rolls topped with deep fried prawns, Deep fried banana with fruit coulis, Avo & Salmon Californa rolls and Wasabi/Salmon stacks

What I go back again? Most definitely… even the food being served off their normal menu looked awesome (and there is also a 30% discount off normal sushi plates)… and for 13Euros?… this was a wonderful treat!

Sake, Sable Square

address: Ground Floor, Shop 2, Sable Square, Cape Town, South Africa

Telephone: +27 21 528 7586



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