dinner in a factory… in Maastricht

After being offline for 2weeks – I really need to make the effort to get my ducks back in a row and finally start drafting all the wonderful tales of my conference (in Maastricht) followed by the foodie delights of a week in Cape Town (albeit suffering from flu… but that wasn’t going to stop me from doing a little wine tasting and some food noshing!)

Where to begin?

Lets start with a super company conference in Maastricht… with a smaller group of colleagues (less than 200), more of my fellow South Africans and of course content that kept me awake for the full 2days! (Truly!)

But what really impressed me, besides how comfortable the bed was in our hotel (Crowne Plaza hotel in Maastricht) – was that night number 2’s dinner was held at the Cafe Ipanema which is located in the Bonnefantenmuseum (try saying that fast 5times after 3 glasses of wine!)

exterior… and we ate in the tower!

The Bonnefantenmuseum showcases a variety of old masters along with modern and contemporary art pieces and is set next the river Maas in a building that was designed by the infamous Italian architect Aldo Rossi, who at the time regarded the museum as a *viewing factory*. The interior is designed by Maurice Mentjens who has won numerous awards with projects in both Maastricht and Heerlen, while the walls of tower are painted (each a different colour) by the artist Fons Haagmans!

interior – how cool are the walls… and the light fitting???

And it wasn’t just the building that had me in awe and wonder…. but the food that they served was really tasty (and trust me, feeding crowds is not always easy and secondly, feeding crowds tasty, warm and succulent mouth-smacking meals is even more difficult – but they managed it!)

We started with a little espresso cup full of soup… my guess was mushroom soup… but all I could taste and savour was the drizzle of truffle oil that had been lovingly added.

how cute, eh?

Our starter was a Mille-feuille of tuna with wasabi cream, sesame and soy dressing (yum yum yum…. I could have eaten the entire restaurants portions of this, it was so yummy)

like a portrait on a plate… so pretty

and the Main course was Grilled Veal loin with rosemary, lemon and parmesan crust – served with asparagus, green beans, carrots and a piece of potato cake (Here I have to confess that the veggies were nice and the meat was reasonably well cooked – but the potato cake was not in its finest hour)

picture is a bit fuzzy… sorry…

To top the evening off – there was a dessert buffet (which I never got to see – as I landed up standing outside having a good chin wag with a few drinks (and a puff or two of a ciggie) with colleagues)

would I go again? yes… as a function venue – the multi-coloured tower was fun; the staff were fantastic (never an empty glass and always with a smile) and the food was better than expected!

Cafe Ipanema Maastricht

address: Avenue Ceramique 250, Ingang Maaspuntweg (Maaszijde museum), Postbus 1735, 6201BS Maastricht, Netherlands

Telephone: +31 43 329 0157

email: info@ipanema.nl

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10h30-17h30



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