I saw a Mermaid… while nibbling on a springroll

Imagine chowing down on some tasty Thai food while watching divers and mermaids swim by…

Sounds intriguing? Well that is exactly what we got to enjoy this past week, as we said farewell to one of our colleagues at the Thai restaurant at NEMO33 in Brussels, which is the worlds DEEPEST diving Pool!!! How awesome (and scary) is that???

courtesy of their website

While the restaurant is little more safe (for someone like me that is!)… it does offer you a view of the diving pool and the inhabitants through 7 magnificent windows!

Window view from our table!

And this is just a few photo’s of our delicious food.

Thai curry….

sweet and sour prawns

ould I go back again? Probably yes, as the food was really tasty (all 7 of us agreed)… although the drive out there is a bit of a nightmare due to the roadworks… it would be great for a weekend venue!

NEMO33 Restaurant


Telephone: +32 2 333 3830


Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 12h00-14h30 & 19h00-22h30; Thursday-Friday: 12h00-14h30 & 19h00-23h30; Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays: non-stop from 12h00-22h30


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