Fine Portuguese cuisine at Casa do Bacalhau

HIM is Portuguese… and this is where he likes to go when he wants a fix of his favourite Portuguese cuisine… and I always trust people who go to their local, the one that serves their national food and they feel like they are getting a taste of home! Plus it was the venue of our first date… so I already know that their food is good, service is friendly and prices are moderate (main meals are between 12 & 20 euros). *grin*

Mr Draper, M, HIM and I had decided to explore our surroundings on Car Free Sunday for a new adventure on cuisine-tasting and this is where we settled (between Avenue Louise and Place Flagey)! And it looks like we took along the *invisible man* for luck 🙂

guest #5

As you enter – the staff are friendly and open (although I do believe it is because they see HIM and greet him like a member of the family!) and the interior is basic but welcoming.

simple but perfect

Mr Draper and I went for the breaded Pork dish (very tasty and we loved our tower of frites and the delicately cut flower garnishes);

how cute is the radish flower???

M had Bacalhau with chorizo (Bacalhau is the Portuguese word for codfish (normally dried and salted)) and served with mashed potatoes;

work of art on a plate!

and HIM had his favourite – pieces of pork with clams and potatoes… although he doesn’t eat the clams (but I do :))…

you can’t see it – but there is some delicious sauce at the bottom of the bowl!

The boys were craving a sweet ending – so Mr Draper ordered the CrĂ©me BrulĂ©e (which I think M helped him finish);

grabbed a spoonful before I could get my camera ready in time!

And HIM got some chocolate mousse washed down with a very strong coffee!

at least I got HIM to stop eating it so that I could get a picture first!

Would I go back again? YES! The food really is tasty, the presentation is fabulous and of course, we seem to always receive friendly 10/10 service!

Casa do Bacalhau – Fine cuisine Portugaise

address: Rue Lesbroussart 55, 1050, Brussels

telephone: +32 2 648 0442


Opening hours: Open all days for lunch and dinner – except for Tuesday/Wednesday lunch.


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