Car-free Sunday dinner feast with Kazzy

Brussels has something called *CAR-FREE SUNDAY* which is essentially one day of the year whereby within the city of Brussels and some surrounding territories, everyone is asked NOT to use their car (everyone except buses, taxi’s, police, public services and of course anyone who has a special permit)

Some roads are even closed (especially the tunnels) and this lasted on Sunday 16th September from 9am until 7pm… the upside is that public transport is FREE during the day! And everyone makes use of alternative means of transport… bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and lots and lots of prams!!! (In fact, I wasn’t even aware that so many people actually lived in Brussels – because the streets were FULL of people cycling, walking and of course, pushing prams!)

So after a wonderful sunny day without smelling car fumes… HIM and I went to Kazzy’s for a Sunday dinner feast!

She made a gorgeous meal of veggies and chicken breasts wrapped in parma ham (she confides that the secret is that you need to give the chicken a good rub of your favourite herbs BEFORE wrapping in the parma ham AND she uses a chilli infused olive oil for a little bit of a kick!)

doesn’t it look gorgeous?

HIM raved about her caramelized carrots – and these are simply sliced carrots with a drizzle of honey baked in the oven.

And of course – we finished off the meal with some lovely Graham Beck Railroad Red wine and a plate of cheese and fruit!

tasty… very tasty!



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