Happiness in a Cup – FreezyYog on a warm day

HIM and I meandered into town (and by town I mean Grand Place area) on Saturday morning – but not before walking past the Brussels STRIP (comic) FEST outside the palace and taking a few fun photo’s with some of the costumed comic book heroes, sweltered a bit in the heat and watching them inflate the enormous parade balloons (although – it seemed that we were not the only ones feeling the heat! Even Betty Boop looked like she needed a bit more collagen hot air pumped into her lips)

I digress….

So HIM and I meandered into town… walked down to the Stock Exchange/Bourse area in what I would term as very warm weather for a normal September, until HIM suggested an ice-cream… and since we had just walked past FreezyYog – I tried to convince him that having a frozen yoghurt would be a much healthier choice… he concurred (or rather – he was bullied into agreeing with me, plus this would be his FIRST frozen yoghurt experience).

FreezyYog offers a frozen yoghurt with 0% fat associated with it, along with a wide range of fresh fruit or BIO toppings. It also promises to be a good source of calcium and to be rich in probiotics… plus it tastes GREAT, smooth and creamy!

The 3 step concept is simple! #1: Choose the size of your tub (small, medium or large), #2: Choose the flavour of frozen yoghurt (either Natural or the flavour of the day (which was Raspberry)) and finally, #3: Choose your toppings (marshmallows, chocolate sauce, caramel, candy, biscuits, fresh fruits, etc etc).

I got the small Raspberry without toppings (3Euros) – and trust me, small is not small!

While HIM got a medium natural topped with Muesli (5Euro’s)…. which definitely looked healthy!!

Would I go back again? Well – I wouldn’t go into town especially for the frozen yoghurt – but if I was in the area – I would definitely get some of this over a choice of ice-cream any day!


address: Rue Marche aux herbes 21, 1000, Brussels

telephone: +32 2 511 5417

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 12h00-19h00; Friday-Saturday: 12h00-20h00 and Sunday: 14h00-19h00



2 thoughts on “Happiness in a Cup – FreezyYog on a warm day

  1. There’s a similar place now in KZN and JHB called Wakaberry – only difference : they have toppings like fudge,flakes,wafers,choc chips,smarties etc..as well as all the healthy stuff!!! 😉

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