3 Amigo’s visit Brussels Beer Festival 2012

I love Brussels Beer Festival… I truly do! With a past history in the beer industry (7years at that)… I have landed up living in a country that takes their Beer brewing (and drinking) VERY seriously! And this is my fourth year of attendance… along with M and HIM… making us the 3 Amigo’s!

This year – the Belgian Beer Weekend (31st August – 2nd September) was celebrating its 14th year of existence – with 51 breweries on the Grand Place in Brussels offering more than 350 different Belgian Beers.

PLUS – a new addition to the concept was a *Beer & Food* pairing option within the Stock Exchange building.

This was my first time inside – and I was truly impressed – not only by the building’s architecture – but also by the organisation of the gastronomy offering… 3 different beers and 3 different gourmet appetizers every hour. Appetizers always prepared with the Callebaut chocolate and finest cheeses of Van Tricht.

The dark beer – Kasteel Rouge was AMAZING with the chocolate macaroon! M almost swooned!

From here – we walked past *Beer Street* which is a 50m bar with a wide range of Belgian speciality beers on tap… and onto the actual Grand Place venue.

I had received a tweet from St Martins Ale Brewery telling me about their new limited edition beer *THE CLOAK* (quad)… so this was my starting point – the Brunehaut stand! A very dark and rich beer, served in a smaller glass… high in alcohol (aren’t they all) and slightly bitter… but tasty… very tasty! you can follow them on twitter at @AbbeyStMartin

the Cloak (quad) from St Martin's Abbey

From here – we moved to Van Steenberge Brewery stand and tried out the *AUGUSTIJN BLOND* which had received a gold award! Mmmm. HIM had their *PIRAAT* and wasn’t complaining! This was around the point where we had met the Irish lass from Guiness and had 2 Norwegian Brewers brothers also join our table (one of which was the splitting image to Thor…I kid you not!!) who taught me how to say “Thank you” in Norwegian (TAK) 🙂

Another move had us at the Slaghmuylder & Verhaeghe stand – where we first tried the *BARBE* (from Verhaeghe) and then the Slaghmuylder *WITKAP PATER* – both of which where light, blonde and BEAUTIFUL for me!

collage of our beers

My last beer of the day – as it was around 5pm now and my tummy was starting to say *FEED ME!* was from Du Bocq (unfortunately by this point – I had stopped writing down comments and beers and didn’t take a picture either… oops)

Would I go back? YES – My fourth year has been as exciting and fun as the previous years! Making friends, reasonable drinking and lots and lots of fabulous beer!!


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