Italian Stallions at Il Vesuvio

Do a little dance, sing a little song, get down tonight… get down tonight…. It’s FRIDAY!!!

yes – I am a little crazy (or what I like to call *touched*)…. you already knew that and yet you still keep coming back, don’t you 🙂 a bit like trying not to look at a car wreck, but not having the ability to look away either!

Pizza… Pasta… Pizza…. Pasta….

James recommended this Italian Restaurant saying that their pizza’s were awesome and he wanted us to come and test them out  (I also think he had an ulterior motive as it was on the same street as his place… so stumbling home was easier :))… so off the 5 of us went.

how awesome is the Pizza knife????

The interior is like a maze – you arrive at the front (2 -3 tables) and the pizza oven… then through a small doorway – past the kitchen entrance winding around the corner to an alcove (2 tables) and then through another doorway to a larger room with a few more tables…  easy to get lost (or at least for me!)

Father and Son team made us feel at home right away with big smiles and prompt service! And the pouring of wine and water was a sight to see! (Son had the 1l jug of red wine while father was pouring the water… moving around us like butterflies… with streams of liquid being poured all at once!)

4 pizza’s and 1 pasta for our table… plus the complimentary breadrolls to start… plus wine, water and all our glasses, meant that our poor little table was groaning under the pressure… but it survived!

Mr Drapper had the signature pizza – Vesuvio – Tomato, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella, artichokes, olives (unfortunately not de-pipped), salami, gorgonzola, origanum and an egg (10Euros)… party on a plate!

Vesuvio Pizza

M had the Quatro Saisonstomato, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella, artichokes, olives and origanum (but in quarters) – (8.50Euros)

4 Seasons Pizza

James had the Capricciosa– Tomato, ham, mozzarella, origanum (8.50Euros)

Capricciosa Pizza

Sonia was the only one to have a pasta and had originally wanted to go for Cannelloni, but *Father* suggested the pasta of the day – which looked amazing… and Sonia described it as Cannelloni and Lasagna all rolled into one (fresh spinach, mince, pasta, cheese….. yum)

Plat du jour: Pasta

and I had the Reginapizza – tomato, mushrooms, ham and mozzarella (which was really good @ 9Euros)

Regina Pizza

Would I go back again? ABSOLUTELY – as the rest of the menu which had steaks, fish, pasta on looked truly amazing! PLUS I watched some plates go by and was drooling! Best pizza? Well – it definitely rates up there with great pizza’s… but I think my favourite is still Pizza Pronto (and I figured out that the reason is that Pizza Pronto bases are thicker but lighter and they have more sauce on)

Il Vesuvio

Address: Rue du Mont du Chene 1, 1040, Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 649 1640

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 12h00-14h30 & 18h30-22h30; Saturday: 18h30-22h30


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