Blackberry and Apple Cake

Marvellously moist and surprisingly more-ish, this tray bake cake is the perfect *take to the office* or *bring to the braai* kind of right-side-up upside down cake!

What is slowly turning into a weekly tradition in the office, is that I will bake a cake and in order to save the waistline of my jeans – which I have to admit have shrunk in the wash… I am now taking in my weekly bake to the office! It has come to the point that some of the younger (lets call them trainee’s) are now popping their heads in on a Monday and Tuesday in order to find out which day I will be providing cake and what I am thinking of making.

And you know what makes it even more fulfilling? They devour whatever I bring in, with big crumbly grins and honest-to-God gratefulness of receiving free cake once a week! So I just can’t stop! Plus the feeling of being a hero in my own lunchbox is rewarding!

The previous week, HIM’s friends had given me a bag of fresh blackberries out of her very own garden… they were juicy and delicious and to stop myself from squishing every last one of them into my mouth while driving home – I had the brain wave to freeze them for a few days and then find a recipe in order to bake with them! And of course – I found the recipe on the BBC Good Food Website.

Blackberry and Apple Tray Cake

175g butter

300g flour

3 apples, peeled, cored and sliced

squeeze lemon juice

284ml cream

225g sugar

3 eggs

300g Blackberries

  1. Toss the sliced apples with a little lemon juice to stop them from turning brown
  2. Bring cream and butter to the boil in a saucepan, then set aside
  3. Whisk sugar with eggs for 3minutes until pale
  4. Whisk cream into sugar mixture and fold in flour until completely smooth
  5. Pour batter into greased baking pan (aka roasting tin is fine) and arrange apple and blackberries on top (I like to push a few blackberries into the mixture as well)
  6. Bake for 50min-1hr at 200C until golden and beginning to pull away from sides of tin

3 thoughts on “Blackberry and Apple Cake

  1. Nice blog! I used to take cake into work on a weekly basis when I lived in London, for the same reasons as you mention (why do jeans always shrink in the wash?!) And then people started just dropping in a bit of money, spare change really, and we collected it all to buy the good gifts from Oxfam. It was awesome. We bought goats, toilets, water pumps and even a camel. It added to the feeling of being generous and gave me the excuse to keep on baking. I’m definitely going to try this cake. Yum yum!

    • Wow – what a brilliant idea to ask people to throw a few coins in a collection tin that we can then donate to charity!!
      I did have a bit of a giggle when I had visions of you buying goats, toilets and a camel for the office….
      Takes the concept of working an a concrete jungle to a whole level!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. We’ve had a bumper year for all things homegrown so decided to make this to use up the apples and blackberries – so yummy. Thank you! X

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