Chivalry is NOT dead and waiters CAN smile in Brussels

Mr Draper, M, Him and I meandered into town on Saturday morning… as we were investigating the Royal Boch *factory/reject* shop on Rue Haute, we also wandered into a time warp shop on the same street which included Hugh Heffners pimp pad corner couch (mini bar included), a life size batman statue (Christian Bale smile included), rails of clothing which could be best described as the *PERFECT COSTUME* place for any dress up party! And not to mention all the “interesting shoes”…. plus a shop attendant who epitomised the shops intention… TIME WARP!! (In all fairness – she did look fabulous with her 80’s catsuit, 9inch steel-pin high heels, her hair in a side pony with a hair bow big enough to eclipse the moon).

But the REAL find of the day was a restaurant called Brasserie Ploegmans on rue Haute.

It looked like a gem from the outside and as soon as we walked in – we were greeted with a smile from the waiter and the barman.

Time warp again??? where am I?? Belgian waiters don’t normally smile…. except for HIM of course!

The Waiter guided us to the table, handed the gals our menu’s first (even went in search for an English version for me when he heard me talking)… and when taking the orders… glanced at M and myself first for our choices.. and then to the boys. (Chivalry is NOT dead!)

I knocked my fork off the table (big hand gestures and all while telling a story…..surprise surprise) and before I knew it – it had been carefully removed and replaced without so much as a whisper… and when M’s bag feel off the back of her chair… he rushed over to fix it without her even noticing!!! Brilliant Waiter! hurray!

Our lunches were served with genuine smiles (even from the chef – who you could see through the kitchen hatch and trust me – I really appreciate it when I can actually see into a kitchen to watch them prepare my food!)

HIM had the stoemp (with carrots – of which I stole a forkful and it was delicious!)…. sausage and thick piece of bacon (I think that Mr Draper had food jealousy!)

M had the Calves kidney’s

And Mr Draper and I enjoyed the spare ribs!

Everyone knows my rule for spareribs… if there is sauce on my forehead and cheeks, then it was good :). The sauce next to the ribs was sweet and had the flavour of apple sauce… and although it was very tasty – it wasn’t as good as Fin de Siecles ribs (sorry!)

Would I go back again? DEFINITELY… it was quaint, super friendly without being intrusive, the food was good and not too badly priced (approx 22Euros each for a main course, glass of wine and lots of bottled water)

Brasserie Ploegmans

Address: 148 Rue Haute, 1000 Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 503 2124

Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 12h00-14h30 & 18h00-22h00; Friday – Saturday: 12h00-14h30 & 18h00-22h30; Sunday: 12h00-15h00


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