Vietnamese Restaurant – Le Tournesol

I recently got addicted to the tv series Madmen… and now whenever I look at my mate (the one who introduced me to the tv series) – I realise that he looks like Don Draper (so from now onwards… he shall forever be nicknamed Mr Draper 🙂 and yes – he is THAT goodlooking!).

Mr Draper and I went exploring… ok … in all honesty, there was no exploring…. it was a Tuesday night before our public holiday and it was hot… and we both just wanted to grab a quick and cheerful dinner out (and I wanted to rush back home to catch a few more episodes of Betty, Don and Peggy… not to mention Joan!).

This place is definitely in the *cheap and cheerful* category…. situated on Vleurgat in Ixelles, it offers a Vietnamese menu well within the reasonable dinner category range.

I opted for the chicken noodles,

my noodles

while Mr Draper ordered the chicken rice…

the chicken rice dish

and within 5minutes (I kid you NOT), we were being served plates piled high.

The food was ok – nothing spectacular… we both added a bit more flavourings ourselves (I added Soya Sauce while he tried the chilli paste – both condiments were already found on our table) and the pieces of chicken were a bit sparse… and although I can’t say that it was a memorable dining experience, it was cheap, cheerful and edible.

Would I go back again…. hmmm.. maybe as a take-away option.

Le Tournesol

address: 178 Chaussee de Vleurgat, 1050, Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 646 7355


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