My Favourite South African wines found in Belgium

I have mentioned them before (as seen here)… but just outside of Ghent is a little town called Destelbergen (not Bethlehem) and within this picturesque little town is a shop called Paradisi – Pleasures of the Season…. offering a wide array of South African and French wines… as well as lots of other foodie treats!

This is not my first visit… but probably only my third visit… and I can honestly say that it was like being welcomed back by old friends!! I spent over an hour in the store sipping coffee and discussing the merits of different wine (well – I listened :))….

I walked out of the shop with 14 bottles of wine (2 of each of the ones pictured below)

And to be honest… half of them are already gone!! The French Rose was super delicious (brilliant recommendation from Brenda) and was consumed at a BBQ (Braai) yesterday… and the Graham Beck Railroad Red is always one of my absolute favourite everyday drinking reds!

With a better stocked wine cabinet – and a good proportion of it being South African… it got me thinking… and before I knew it, I had booked a weeks leave and will be off to Cape Town at the end of September… to do a little winefarm drinking of my own!!

So if you are looking for tasty yummy South African wines in Belgium… look no further!


address: Dendermondesteenweg 513A, Destelbergen, Belgium

telephone: +32 9 334 5015

email: and and facebook

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday: 10h00-12h30 & 13h30-18h30; Saturday: 10h00-18h30


2 thoughts on “My Favourite South African wines found in Belgium

  1. You used to be able to buy my favorite Diemersfontein Pinotage at Oeno Tk but they sadly do not carry it anymore! I have a real soft spot for S. African wines. One day the trip south will come to taste them in person. But in the meantime, I will definitely try these. Thanks for the suggestions.

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