My Thai at Villa Thai

I love where I live… I really do! Just off the Chatelain in Brussels … with so many different places to choose from in order to extend my tastebud experiences… And sometimes I don’t even have to walk further than a block to get there!

This was the case for visiting Villa Thai – a relatively new spot on Rue Washington – next to the Bagel shop and opposite La Regina Pizzeria – offering a Taste of Thailand!

photo of their exterior from their FB page

S0, on a very quiet Thursday evening, when most places are closed due to the Summer holiday season, I along with two other friends decided to give this spot a visit.

In order to review a menu carefully and make the best choice – you need to have a bit of sip and snack environment (am I right, or am I right???)…

And then of course… I am a huge Steamed Dim Sum fan (thanks to Shelley who first introduced me to the concept) – although the term *Dim Sum* is actually the word for CHINESE individual bites of food served in a small steamer basket and originated with the Cantonese in Southern China. And this is a THAI restaurant – so the item is actually termed as *steamed starters* (Assortment of 5 = 7,7oEuros, 10 = 14,50 and 15 = 20Euros).

After this – James ordered the Gaeng Ped Kaiwhich is Chicken in a Red curry with Bamboo stalks and basil (served with a portion of rice for 11 Euros)

Clare had the Pad Med Mameung Kai– also Chicken, but with cashew nuts and a black bean sauce (serve with rice for 12,25Euros)

and I had the Pad King Kai– Chicken with mushrooms and fresh ginger (served with rice for 11,30Euros)

We all agreed that the food was SUPER DUPER YUMMY… and it didn’t take a lot of arm twisting to be convinced to order some desserts as well!

They both settled on the Dame Blanche (ice-cream and chocolate sauce)

While I am a true sucker for Deep fried banana’s

And as I ambled back to the my apartment… My belly was full and I was happy!!

Would I go back again? YES… Especially since they also offer a take-away service (and have Pad Thai on their menu’s :))

Villa Thai

Address: Rue Washington 51, 1050 Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 646 7478

email: (currently under construction – so not enough details as yet)

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 12h00-15h00 & 18h00-23h00; Sunday: 18h00-23h00


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