another super sushi supper at Rale-Bol

Yes people – sushi again! The week before last, I visited Makisu and Mitsui and got to savour their sushi options. Now was time to try the Japanese restaurant next to La Piola on the Chatelain square.

I had only ever been there once before (about 2 or 3years ago) and sat outside on the sidewalk on a Wednesday Market night… but this time, with the threat of a little rain – I decided to venture through the doors and get a table in the back, which is smallish and has quirky but fun artwork on the walls.

courtesy of their website

Manue and I were starving … so as we nibbled on our complimentary Edamane beans

and sipped our Oroya *created for sushi* white wine (20Euros a bottle)…

We finally decided upon a portion of Tempura vegetables and prawns (14Euros)

and the Imperial Sushi Boat with 40pieces of silver sushi (45Euro’s)

Both are decent sized portions… and the sashimi was so fresh that it literally fell apart, melted in the mouth and could be cut with a chopstick!! Yes… it was SO fresh!

Would I go back again? HELL YES! Not only do they offer amazing sushi – but as I glanced around to the neighbouring tables, I saw gorgeous looking Teepan yaki and Brochettes  (skewers of meat) – plus they offer a wide variety of noodle and Rice dishes with Duck, chicken, etc.


address: rue du Page 6, 1050 Brussels

telephone: +32 2 640 0693


Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 12h00-14h30 and 18h30-22h30


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