Groupon effect at Lucas

Strangely enough… as much of a bargain hunter that I am… I have not gotten the Groupon Bug yet… I look at the website occasionally but am generally put off by the fact that the Belgian site is only available in French and Dutch (and yes – I can read a little Flemish… and I should know some French after 4years here… but I don’t…) and of course all the terms and conditions related to each *deal*.

But – if you are shopper savvy and know a thing or two … then you can snatch up a bargain (or three) for next to nothing!

My friend Joost invited me to join him on one of his GROUPON adventures… dinner for 2 people, 3 courses (without drinks) for 39Euros at Lucas Restaurant on Avenue Louise  (near Rue du Bailli and next door to the Michael Collins pub).

This is a restaurant that I have been looking forward to eating at for ages… I just haven’t found the time or plucked up the courage to eat out more than three times a week (ok – I lie… sometimes I eat out more than that :)) – But this has definitely been a place that I have wanted to test out. They have a wonderful warm and luxurious ambiance, friendly staff and a beautiful garden (now shared with their Irish pub neighbours), while offering a decent Mediterranean menu.

Our Menu was far better than I could have expected, with entrees:

I had the scallops (aka Saint Jacques served with apple and chicory) – perfectly cooked… soft and succulent and the crunchy apple *coleslaw* was a wonderful accompaniment. 

while Joost had the prawns (aka Scampi Diablo in a spicy cream sauce) – and I managed to steal one of them and can honestly say that I had some food envy… they were perfectly cooked in a spicy cream sauce that was perfectly seasoned! Definitely an item that I would order again!

Then Main course offers:

I had the Grilled rack of Lamb (very delicious even if I did have to fight with the bones and fat to get to the meat…) served with potato gratin and vegetables:

while Joost had the Grilled Tuna Steak (which looked too dry for me, but he said it tasted great) with potato puree (a nicer and fancier way to say *mash*):

and finally for dessert:

We both couldn’t resist the Lemon tart!!

very pretty

Would I go back? Yes, food was tasty and well presented. Would I order 3 courses again? Probably not, as I was actually full after the main course and even though I love my food – I don’t actually eat desserts in restaurants (mainly cos I reckon I make a better job at home myself…oops – best I put my humble hat back on…oops.. and secondly because all I really need is one spoonful of sweetness.)


Address: 191 Avenue Louise, 1050, Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 646 2352

no website (that I could find)

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 12h00-14h30 & 19h00-23h00. Closed on Saturdays & Sundays.


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