Mitsui – Japanese Teppan Yaki (and sushi)

Another restaurant just around the corner that offers a really good dining experience… is Mitsui.

With two teppanyaki tables and host of “normal” table seating – you can choice whether you want to watch your meal being prepared or actually face your dinner party for the “normal” dining experience. Plus they have a little sushi corner – but not one that you can sit at – rather just for preparation of this treat.

As it was just HIM and myself and the weather was still pretty humid – we opted for a table at the open sliding door… because even though I am a true blue SAFFA through and through… I suffer in the hot humid environment and get hot flushes (especially when combined with a glass (or three) of wine :))

Him started with the Miso soup (3.70Euro’s)

While… still on my *Favourite things* theme – I needed to start with some sushi!! (Even though my normal preference for a starter is one of their Tempura Offerings – either with veggies (7Euros) or veggies and prawns (9.50Euros)….I got the Maki Tempura de scampi (5.80Euros))

We both opted for the Teppanyaki chicken – which is served with stir fried veggies (mainly bean sprouts) and a bowl of rice (13.80Euros)…I enjoyed it … although HIM wasn’t completely blown out of the water….

All this washed down with a lovely *chilled* (and yes – I said chilled) bottle of Red wine!! YUMMY

Would I go again? probably yes… as it is conveniently located… offers good food at a reasonable price and the staff are really friendly!


address: 86 Rue de Prévot, 1050, Brussels

telephone: +32 2 534 0953

no website – sigh (that I could find…)

Open: Monday – Sunday


2 thoughts on “Mitsui – Japanese Teppan Yaki (and sushi)

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