Annabel’s Pesto Torte

I have always been intrigued by the difference between Tarts and Tortes (and by the former – I do not mean women who wear short skirts and incorrect coloured lipsticks… but rather reference the treats definitions).

Apparently – a Tart = a pie (is a pastry crust bottom, with filling and no crust on the top and normally baked in a metal dish…. not that I have ever used a metal dish before !?!?). While a Torte is a rice multi-layered cake made without flour!

During a supper club meeting recently – Annabel (our veggie Canadian friend) had made this gorgeous looking Cream cheese/Pesto/Sun Dried tomato dome… which we all tasted once… then went back again… and before you knew it… we were literally knife fighting each other to get another piece!

She very kindly shared the recipe with me… as well as the story of it … it was made by her University friend when she was finishing up her first degree and getting ready to move onto the next stage in her life… so when she made it for us… the same thoughts came to her – as she gets ready to start a whole new chapter to the novel of *Annabel Adventures*.

Pesto Torte

340g Cream Cheese (at room temperature)

85g Chévre (Goats cheese)

125ml Pesto

10 sundried tomatoes in oil, drained & cut into slivers

quarter of a cup of pine nuts

Fresh basil for garnish

  1. Line a small bowl with plastic wrap, leaving some overlapping the edges
  2. Set aside
  3. In another bowl, beat cheeses together until smooth
  4. Spread a layer of creamed mixture in bottom of plastic wrapped bowl
  5. Top with a layer of Pesto
  6. Spread this with some sun-dried tomatoes and sprinkling of pine nuts
  7. Unfortunately i didn’t have sun-dried tomatoes… oops

  8. Repeat layers ending with cheese
  9. Fold up plastic wrap around torte and gently press to compress layers
  10. refrigerate until ready to serve
  11. Unwrap top of the mold, lift out of bowl and invert onto a plate
  12. Garnish with pine nuts and fresh basil
  13. Serve with savoury biscuits or slices of fresh bread

perfect for a picnic





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