Gourmet Shopping experience at *ROBS*

Anyone in Brussels will tell you that at some point…. they have heard of the *ROB experience* and some might have even been there!

Based near in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, a mere stones throw from the Woluwe shopping centre, sits a mecca of food delights! Striving to provide the best seasonal and regional produce – they offer an amazing bakery and pastries counter, a dairy counter, delicatessen, Pork butchery and a regular butcher, seafood counter, fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world… AND a gourmet grocery experience.

The cheese shop promises a variety of 350 cheeses…. daily!

The Bakery offers a selection of the most delectable cakes, tarts and macaroons that you could ever imagine! They even have a chocolatier section including Nihant, Mary, Godiva, Wittamer, Nihoul, Marcolini and Darcis. Yum!

The Pork butchery offers an array of piggy options… from raw and smoked hams across the continent, to *house* patés and terrines… and these are only a few of my favourite things 🙂

While the normal butchery also offers mountains meat and poultry of exceptionally high standards to make your mouth water! (those who know me, will remember my Roast Beef story… when I spent over 30minutes discussing the different cuts of beef with the inhouse butcher… and finally walked away with a piece of the most amazing cut of beef (fed 13people with that Roast… and it almost broke the bank… but I justify that quality is worth a little extra $$$) 🙂

Although I am still a firm believe that if you want to taste the best Seafood – you need to eat it in Cape Town… this fish section offers freshness and variety that rivals the ocean itself! There is no middleman or time wasted in the process as the fish come in daily – straight from the sea.

And their glorious section of fruit and vegetables…*sigh*… picked in the morning to be on the shelves by the afternoon! Figs to apricots to Honeydew melons to artichokes and avocado’s, not to mention the various types of tomatoes and salad leaves… looking for some edible flowers for your salad – they have that too!

Trust me.. the aisles of the grocery store are just as exciting – black rice, interesting tea’s… homemade jams, rare oils and spices…  to name a few…. an absolute treasure trove of delight…

But best you bring your credit card – as you are likely to walk in looking for nectarines and walk out with an entire shopping cart of goodies 🙂

Pictures are from their website

Rob – The Gourmets Market

address: Boulevard de la Woluwe 28, 1150 Brussels

telephone: +32 2 771 2060


Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 09h00-19h00; Friday: 09h00-20h00; Saturday: 08h30-19h00 and until 20h00 on the eve of public holidays!


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