Jules Lemon Custard dessert

My mom’s sister (my aunt) Julia makes the most amazing lemon meringue pie that you will have tasted…and she rightly deserves her title as queen of tarts – as she has managed to astound us all with her amazing array of desserts over the years! From chocolate mousse to tipsy tarts to shortbread… the list is endless.

This past Christmas (2011)… we delegated the providing of food to each of the family members and there was never a moments doubt in anyones mind when we asked her if she would make a dessert!

And boy – she didn’t fail to deliver… it was the most phenomenal summer dessert that I had ever had. Tart because of the lemons but sweet because of the custard and cream… the dish was cleaned in next to no time! And the most amazing part was that she had come up with the idea herself…. not following a specific recipe!

I finally managed to wangle the recipe out of her… and it was this simple:

Lemon Custard Dessert

 1 packet of Tennis biscuits

1 packet of Marie biscuits

2 tins condense milk

500ml ready made custard

lemon juice (as much or as little as you want)

Whipped cream

  1. Mix condense milk with lemon juice (taste and determine how tart you want it to be … )
  2. Layer tennis biscuits followed by lemon mixture, followed by marie biscuits and custard
  3. Repeat the above until you have no more ingredients left
  4. Top with whipped cream (and berries if you wish)
  5. Refridgerate overnight



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