Bruschetta is for Royalty!

ooh – I am so sorry all… I have neglected you … but things have been busy 🙂

I had a day off – which was spent rushing around doing lots of personal admin that I never seem to get time to do over weekends (hairdresser/salon/etc etc)… and then I was travelling for work… so no time to share some glorious food ideas with you… but do not fear… because I am back!

HIM had bought me the most amazing bottle of Portuguese Olive Oil a few weeks ago… and it is moreish (direct translation of moreish is… MORE MORE MORE… I WANT MORE!). But I had not truly given this golden liquid of the Gods, its fair share of respect until this past weekend!

And lets just say that the combination of bread, tomato and olive oil is not that exciting when you first hear it… BUT we all know that I am head over heels for tomatoes… and have never managed to avoid the bread basket… so this was sure to appease my appetite… right?

Well – not only did it fill the little hole in my tummy while I was finishing off the little chicken pot pies for HIM and my dinner… but it was the inspiration for my breakfast on Saturday and lunch on Sunday!

Bruschetta (according to the wacky world of wikipedia) is an antipasta from Italy that dates back to the 15th century!


Garlic cloves (peeled)

Ripe and Red tomatoes (diced)

Good Olive oil

Fresh Basil leaves

slices of bread (toasted)…. I used Ciabatta

  1. Toast the bread (this can either be done in a pan or in the toaster)
  2. Rub the garlic onto the freshly toasted warm bread
  3. Drizzle the olive oil over
  4. Add the diced tomatoes and fresh basil
  5. and don’t forget to add a good seasoning of salt and pepper




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