Jam slice biscuits

Another favourite of mine – directly out of the Snowflake book of baking (that I have mentioned before) is a whole section on the easy baking items for Children (now, don’t judge me… but my logic is, if a kid can get it right… then I can’t get it wrong… right????)

And looking back… I am pretty damn sure that Mommabear used to make these…

They really are easy.. and tasty and HIM confessed to devouring 4 on his way home the other night… and as far as I am concerned… if he digs them, then they were a success!! I used home-made marmalade jam made by a friend… so they were not so sweet… and HIM agrees that a nice thick, rich and sweet home-made jam (plum, apricot, etc) would make them even more delicious (if that is at all possible :)).

What I didn’t give to HIM, I took into the office… and I swear that a swarm of locusts appeared and scoffed down every crumb!!

Jam Slice Biscuits

125g Butter

100g sugar

1 egg

5ml vanilla essence

280g flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

125ml jam (160g)

  1. Beat butter and sugar together
  2. Add egg and vanilla essence and continue to beat
  3. Sift in dry ingredients and knead
  4. Press half the dough into a 20x24cm greased (or baking parchment at the bottom) pan
  5. Spread over the jam
  6. Grate the rest of the dough over the top
  7. bake at 180C for 20minutes
  8. Cut into squares (makes 20)



5 thoughts on “Jam slice biscuits

  1. Hey. You know I woke up this morning and thought – dammit I want to make those jam squares my mom and I used to bake when I was a kid. But I dont have the snowflake cookbook 😦 (I think my mother took it with her when she moved to Dubai) You are a life saver 😉

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