Burgers and Wine at Cool Buns

The foursome foodie group that always seems to be the pinnacle in my food eating-out blogs are once again out and about!

This time we headed to a place near the EU buildings that promised *Original home made burgers that are eco friendly* and the lure of burgers&wine as a combination had me at WINE 🙂

The was one lonely waiter who seemed to be having a bit of a bad day (menu falling off the wall (which really was not his fault), dropped glasses, plates, forgetting things, etc)… but he was friendly and apologized sincerely… so we were not too fazed!

We tried to decipher what *onglet* meant – and only when I got home did I get an answer from *Wikipedia* – onglet is the french word for the hanger steak (which is a cut of beef steak well-known for its flavour – also known as the butchers steak)

We ordered 2 Gorgonzola burgers and 2 Apple Jack burgers (all burgers are served with frites and a salad from their organic farm)

Gorgonzola Burger – beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, Gorgonzola and crispy bacon

The lack of explanation of *Apple Jack* also left us a little confused…. and Wikipedia’s definition wasn’t helping much either – offering me a wide variety of suggestions – like the strong alcoholic beverage produced from apples or the fictional character in My little Pony or a brand of American breakfast cereal… even a song and film link back to this name…

The portion sizes are big and the pricing are ok (not cheap nor expensive)… and the choice of how you would like your burger patty cooked appeals to me! Especially since M and I normally enjoy ours to be a little pink inside while HIM and R love the (very) well-cooked option.

They also offer a suggestions board (this is the one that feel off the wall within 5minutes of us being seated)… but these range from 22Euros to 35Euros… and although we are not stingy with our $$$ – it did seem quite high for a piece of meat in a roll 🙂

It was tasty…. but we all agreed that it was probably a 7 out of 10 type of rating… and that next Best-Burger search would have us visiting *Burger Republic* in Ixelles (which had the table discussing whether frites should be include with the purchase of a burger or not!)

What was cute was the way that the bill arrived with a chewy burger sweet 😉

Cool Bun

Address #1: Rue Stevin 168, Brussels 1000, Belgium

Telephone #1: +32 2 230 5211

Opening hours #1: Mon-Wed: 12h00-15h00 & 18h00-22h00; Thur-Fri: 12h00-15h00 & 18h00-22h30; Sat: 18h00-22h30

They have another branch in Ixelles:

Address #2: Rue Berckmans 34, Brussels 1060, Belgium

Telephone #2: +32 537 8002

Opening hours #2: Mon: 18h00-22h30; Tues-Thurs: 12h00-15h00 & 18h00-22h30; Fri-Sat: 12h00-15h00 & 18h00-23h00



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