I need your vote!!!

The Woolworths TASTE magazine (website) did a call for action for readers to submit their favourite food and food related family/friend gathering photographs.

So I did…

And on Tuesday – I got an email saying that I was one of the 14finalists that they had picked… but now the final decision is up to the readers… who need to vote for their favourites (before 1st August 2012).

I started out pretty well – by being ahead with # of votes… but now have slipped back to 2nd place and am going to try to do everything in my power to get a few more votes… so this is ME asking you to click on the LINK and vote for *Maxine Chowles*…

If you want to see the images that I submitted – click on the third circle from the top on the right hand side (as indicated below)

Pretty please??? AND I would be ever so grateful if you shared this via twitter/facebook/email on my behalf 🙂

(there might be a cake or biscuits in the post with your name on it if you help me out… hee hee)


3 thoughts on “I need your vote!!!

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