Apple Stuffed Pork Fillet

Every month – I stock up on my favourite food magazines.. Good Food; Delicious and Olive at StoneManor (the British shop in Brussels that stocks English items at a reasonable price)… but on my last visit to the store – I also picked up a new magazine – which felt far more *luxurious* than the other magazines (mainly due to a thicker grammage cover and thicker/glossier pages). And is called Great British Food focussing on Local, Regional and Delicious food choices.

And within these beautifully printed pages – there was an easy step by step recipe on how to stuff a pork fillet. They used black pudding as the stuffing – but as this is not my favourite item of choice – I decided to dice up one of my Golden Delicious apples and use that instead!

Stuffed Pork Fillet

3 simple ingredients

400g Pork fillet

8 rashers of bacon

half an apple (diced)

  1. Lay out the bacon strips on a wooden board
  2.  Slit the pork fillet down the centre (careful not to cut right through)
  3. Add the diced apple to the slit
  4. Place onto the bacon and roll up tightly – adding seasoning and your favourite herbs!
  5. Roast at 180C for 40min


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