Boomie Hills… aka *sweet sweet dessert*

Once upon a time… in a land far far away… and about 20 (or so) years ago… my mom found a recipe in a Fair Lady Magazine for something called *Boomie Hills*. No idea what the name means (and trust me – I have tried to find out)…. but that is the name of the dessert in our family and I am not about to deviate from it now!

The recipe essentially only has 5 ingredients, takes about 10minutes to make and half an hour to set… and is deliciously sweet (in fact, for HIM it was perfect as I finally made something that his sweet tooth approved of!)

It doesn’t look pretty… but trust me… it tastes it!

Boomie Hills

1tin of condense milk

1 packet of tennis biscuits

250ml cream

25ml lemon juice

2 flakes (crushed) OR 50g Chocolate grated

  1. Beat the condense milk and the lemon juice together (the lemon juice helps the dessert to set)
  2. Add the cream and continue to beat
  3. Crush the biscuits and add them to the mixture
  4. Add the chocolate (leaving a small remainder behind to decorate with – which I forgot to do… plus I couldn’t find Flakes in Brussels… so I resorted to grating some of my favourite dark *every day* chocolate)



7 thoughts on “Boomie Hills… aka *sweet sweet dessert*

  1. I am ecstatic to come across this post, we too had this recipe from an old mag when I was younger and have been trying to track down for ages!!! funny story, while browsing Facebook today I saw a wildlife pic from a place called Bumi Hills and it struck me, ah that delicious dessert, someone else, somewhere on this planet has that recipe, I must find them/it! For some reason the spelling of Boomie stuck with me and a search brought me here, Im ridiculously excited!! Wonder if the name is a derivitave of the place Bumi Hills, Lake Kariba in Zambia?!

  2. Bumi Hills is a Game park Resort on Lake marina . The dessert is named after it. It is a very special place, a piece of paradise with wonderful wild life abounding in the area. I’m making the dessert for a dinner party tomorrow night!😀

  3. Yes, you are right. I am from (Rhodesia) Zimbabwe and Boomie Hills is a game park there. I have made this recipe with variations for many, many years. Last night I was planning a menu for some friends coming over to dinner, and the thought of Boomie Hills desert came to my mind. So decided to google it to see if it was still around and here I am. Amazing! Life can be so interesting as I now live on Prince Edward Island, Canada! I will enjoy my desert, though we can’t get tennis biscuits here, I’ll improvise and use crushed digestives.

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