Post dinner cocktails at l’Archiduc

After an amazing dinner at Fin de Siecle, we decided to head elsewhere in order to vacate our table for other waiting patrons… and try out another spot in the neighbourhood.


Also near the Bourse (Stock Exchange) , is an art deco bar catering to Jazz enthusiasts and anyone who has an appreciation for 30’s and 50’s decor! Established in 1937 for brokers (and their secretaries, nudge nudge) – the walls used to be surrounded by several small wooden booths providing privacy and comfort…now only the wooden benches remain along the walls.

The cast iron front door remains and still has the beautiful A standing for Archiduc (or for Alice the original owner) . The venue later became very known for it’s offering of Jazz in the middle 1950’s and even boasts visits from Nat King Cole and Jacques Brel!

So we settled down and ordered a round… *sex on the beach*, *whiskey sours* and some coffee’s

even the chocolates are branded

Sex on the beach is the tall one & the 2 small ones are whiskey sours…

What marred the evening for me was a bit of altercation and misunderstanding with the barman… as he rolled his eyeballs and told me that it was rude of us to walk out and just leave the money on the table… which rattled my cage as this seems to be the normal Belgian way… but hey… I am not a local 🙂

Would I go back? hmmm…  the place was beautiful and the drinks were strong… but there are loads of other drinking holes that I would visit before going back 🙂


Telephone: +32 2 512 0652

Address: Antoine Dansaert 6, Brussels 1000

Opening hours: 16h00-05h00 (except Christmas Eve)


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