chicken, beetroot and feta salad

HIM came for dinner this past Friday (as already mentioned here) and I wanted to make something simple but tasty… especially since I had been working all week… and had some bizarre waking hours.

My wonderful black (and sometimes crazy) cat is in Olympics 2012 mode!

YES… he is training… I am not sure for which category (or maybe all of them)… but he feels the need to race across the length of my apartment at 4am… using pieces of furniture as hurdles and then *attempting* to come to a complete stop before he hits a wall (this is normally achieved by using his long nails on my wooden floor as a braking mechanism…. *not impressed face*).

He also feels that bathtub training is important… and has taken to getting in the bath when there is still water draining out… (this is followed by a look at me to say *um, think you forgot something*)

And of course… his soccer abilities… dribbling one of his favourite soft balls from one side of room to another (and is FAR more entertaining for him if he can do it around my legs while I am trying to walk to another room)… in fact… I have to admit that his prowess for playing soccer is pretty impressive (and I am seriously contemplating taking a video of him, uploading it and seeing if any famous soccer/football club would be interested in him as a mascot!!)

I digress…

The reason I only served HIM a salad… was because I had had a week of limited sleep and I was lazy(ish)…. BUT the salad was tasty and we didn’t need to call 911 for stomach pumping afterwards!

Chicken, Beetroot and Feta Salad

2 chicken breasts (cut into strips)

Juice of half a lemon

Good glug of Teppanyaki Sauce

2 cups of Rocket

1 tomato (cut into pieces)

1/2 block of feta (cut into pieces)

2 beetroot (cooked and cut into pieces)

Scattering of sunflower seeds

  1. Fry the chicken pieces in a non-stick frying pan… adding the juice of half a lemon (this is a natural tenderizer)
  2. Once pieces have started to brown, add the Teppanyaki sauce
  3. Arrange the rocket, tomatoes, beetroot and feta on a plate
  4. Add chicken and sunflower seed

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