I got published!!! Woolworths Taste Magazine: June 2012

It isn’t the first time I have had my name and photograph in a magazine… but it is definitely the first time that I have had one of my recipes published in a well-known South African food magazine!

I actually think that my love of food and cooking magazines stems from the launch of the Woolworths Taste magazine many years ago… thumbing through the pages… drooling over the photographs and sometimes having enough courage to try out one or two of the recipes… and then realising that being in the kitchen and trying out new recipes was definitely one of my passions.

So in latest issue of the Woolworths Taste Magazine – June 2012… I got to be one of their 5 featured reader’s 🙂 with my Guinness Beer Bread Recipe!! How cool is that?

And not only do I get to see my face in print… but I also receive a R250 Woolies voucher!



3 thoughts on “I got published!!! Woolworths Taste Magazine: June 2012

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