Banana and Chocolate FrenchToast

yippee yeah….. this past Sunday morning saw me going crazy with spring cleaning… I managed to clean out my wardrobe(s) and clothing cupboard(s)… do a bit of a sort and filled 4bags!! YES… 4 large bags (60l black bag sized).

I followed the normal rules…

  1. It still fits and has been worn in the last 6-8months = KEEP PILE
  2. It doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn in the last 6-8months AND is of a good enough quality for someone else to make use of = CHARITY PILE
  3. Doesn’t fit, has holes, could possibly have been worn in the last couple of months – but definitely not fit for charity (and by this, I mean the t-shirt with the rip/hole or the pants with paint stains) = THROW AWAY PILE

From 5am until 7am… I sorted, cleaned and re-arranged hangers. Repacked drawers and had a bed overflowing with CHARITY (3bags worth) and THROW AWAY (1bags worth) clothes… and I felt like I had accomplished SO MUCH! (Sad part is I still have FAR too much clothing!)

So in order to congratulate myself… I thought a little celebratory breakfast treat was in order (and no – I don’t mean a glass of wine with my toast NOR do I mean a swig of vodka in my orange juice… I am not that much of an alkie :))… but rather making:

Banana & Chocolate French Toast

1x banana (sliced)

good dollop of Nutella (or any other good chocolate spread)

2 slices of bread (I prefer white)

1 egg

shake of cinnamon

sprinkle of sugar

  1. spread Nutella or any other chocolate spread on BOTH pieces of the bread
  2. place the sliced banana on one side and sandwich together
  3. Beat the eggs and add a sprinkle of sugar and shake of cinnamon
  4. place sandwich in the eggy mixture for a minute or so… then flip over, and repeat… so that both sides are gorgeously covered in the cinnamon/eggy mixture.
  5. place in a hot non-stick frying pan – cooking both sides for a few minutes (until golden brown)

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