P.H.A.T Burgers

According to the English dictionary, the word *PHAT* is a slang American adjective from the 1960’s for *terrific* or * superb*… and naming a restaurant P.H.A.T appeals to me as the expectations for the place will therefore be high… plus… they state that P.H.A.T = Pretty Hot And Tasty!

view from the outside (picture courtesy of their website)

The venue is a stones throw away from my apartment (and we all know that this appeals to my hermit characteristics), directly opposite to Lucy Changs… and a street away from the Chatelain market, on Rue Americaine in Ixelles.

I love their fun & quirky decor… with multi-coloured chairs outside and interesting sheep skin throws over the chairs inside!


Obviously – the weather was SO fabulous… that we HAD to sit outside… watching the traffic and pedestrians go by!

The menu is printed and folded in such a fashion, that it reflects a little newspaper (cute)… and the selection is great. A decent range of salads and an even bigger range of burgers! (DUH – they are a Burger joint)  Funnily enough… the menu items are in english – but the descriptions are in French… go figure!!

When the food arrived.. I was like “you are kidding, right?”… the portion sizes are astronomical!! My burger was so big that I had to sacrifice the normal way of eating and actually remove the top portion of the bun and use a knife & fork! (This burger bun was as round as a ball… and bigger than a softball!) AND the portion of fries was about the biggest portion I have ever been served (the photo’s don’t actually do it justice – but trust me, it was BIG!). PLUS I got served a side bowl of coleslaw! Even for me (big mouth) and my enormous appetite… I couldn’t finish it all! This was not a reflection on the taste… as the Turkey, avocado and bacon burger was delicious!!

Turkey, avocado and bacon burger… check out the size of the bun and the portion of fries!!!

R’s salad looked super tasty… and he was definitely not complaining!

Chicken, Avocado & Mango salad

We washed this all down with a lovely bottle of Rose… and with my tummy full and having soaked up a bit of the outdoors… I walked back home feeling PHAT (in a good way)



Address: Rue Americaine 122, 1050, Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 852 1906

opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12h00-14h30 & 19h00-23h00; Sat-Sun: 12h00-17h00; 19h00-23h00

website: www.phatburgers.be (redirects you to their facebook site)