Worth the wait? … Mano a Mano

We have been gloriously blessed in the last week with the most amazing weather (hope that by saying this, I haven’t jinxed the rest of the season)… but sunrise is around 5.30am and sunset around 10pm… so you can imagine how marvelously delightful it is to be outside.

Having said this… it seems that EVERY single person living in Brussels has the same idea…


And Restaurants are taking full advantage of this as well… the extended daylight hours and an increased footfall to restaurants that have outdoor sections… so many of them have taken over the sidewalks outside their premises and added extra tables and chairs. The benefit for customers is the delicious notion of being able to eat outside in the sunshine and watch the world go by… while the downside is that most kitchens are not equipped to handle the increased number of patrons.

But hey… if you venture out during this time… you are more than ready to wait an extra 20-30minutes for your food… especially if you can don your sunglasses and sip aperitif’s in the sun! right?!?

So that is exactly what we did… we arrived at Mano a Mano this past Saturday around 7.30pm – only to find the place heaving to capacity, and without a reservation – we were told to come back an hour later and they would make sure we had one (albeit it would be inside)… so we had a drink elsewhere while we waited.

An hour later… we found ourselves back at Mano a Mano waiting a little longer for the table to vacate their seats… but once they did, we settled down and placed our order… we were informed of the 20-30minute wait for pizza’s… so we got 2 starters to nibble on to pass the time… we were NOT disappointed.

Gorgeous tomato and mozz pan for dipping bread into

And when the pizza’s and pasta’s arrived… they too were worth the wait! Delicious thin crispy bases with just the right about of toppings… YUM

Seafood pasta

Value for money – for sure… approx 25Euros per person (5 of us)… with 2 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of water, 2 starters to share and either a pizza or a pasta main course!

To me… this Italian concept of no frills pizza’s and pasta’s dining, really works – easily visible by how busy the place is. The Food is good and reasonable… the staff are *interesting* and by this I mean the service is somewhat erratic… our waiter oscillated between being bored and overly friendly … and I can’t say that I saw any of the other staff crack a smile. But in all fairness – I am not going there to make friends… I am going WITH friends!

Mano a Mano

Address: 8 Rue du Boniface, 1050, Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 502 0801

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 12h00-14h00; 19h00-23h00. Saturday-Sunday: 19h00-23h00

 no website… sadly


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