It’s my party and I can eat as much sugar as I want to!!!

woohoo… It’s my birthday!!!

YES, people….  I love Birthday’s… especially my own!

It isn’t about the presents (although I am well aware that my love language is *gifts*… while having said this, it isn’t about the actual gift but the fact that the person thought about me! Gift NEVER have to be expensive… just thoughtful!)

the first gift arrived yesterday… birthday flowers from Kazzy

It isn’t  really about the BIG cake (although M has now been tasked for the second year in a row to bake her famous cupcakes for the party)

It isn’t even the party (although this year plans to be a hum-dinger of a night – Pizza and wine… followed by the fact that everyone knows that Monday is a holiday!! So we are going to party like it’s my birthday…oh, wait… it is ;))

The real reason that I love birthday’s is because for one special day of the year… EVERYONE you know (and sometimes even the ones you don’t know) send some form of Birthday greeting… whether it be by sms, BBM, facebook, email, phone call or even face to face… this is enough to put me on CLOUD9. And since I was a child – I have kept a list… something my mom used to do as well…. and now that I am celebrating my 28th-ish  (???????? uhum for the umpteenth time) – the list has grown longer, which I hope attests to the fact that more people love me 🙂

Birthday tradition at home used to be that Birthdays started the moment you opened your eyes (duh), more importantly… Mom used to provide chocolate cake for breakfast with coffee… IN BED… while I got to rip open the birthday cards and presents before having to rush through the bathroom to get ready for school. As I got older – I tried to make sure that I was always home with mom for my birthday…. as this tradition is truly special to me. This is one of the few years that I am not… but plans are already in place for next year!!

so what happened this morning??

I woke up – read a few birthday messages and got one from my Canadian Best friend, M…. saying *happy birthday, open your front door*… so I did… and there on my doorstep was a thermos of coffee and beautifully wrapped cupcake!!

I can’t begin to describe how awesome it is to find a thermos of coffee and cupcake on your doorstep…. at 7am!

The tradition has continued without her even knowing about it! So I got to enjoy my coffee and cupcake while opening up the pressies and card from back home.

And JUST BECAUSE it is my birthday (all day)…. after church… M and I went into Godiva and got Raspberry and White Chocolate Iced Shakes… OMG… so good… but now I am soooo sweet that the only thing that will sort me out is an afternoon of spa treatments.. OH WAIT… that IS what I have planned for the arvie… before the party this evening.

hello Godiva… oh, you want to give us 3 small chocolates as well?? oh, ok 🙂

I feel like a 7year old on a sugar high… woohoo…This is turning out to be one of the best birthday’s EVER


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