How can I feel old while eating a hamburger???

yes… I felt old…

I have passed my 20’s and entered into the world of 30’s… which I never had a problem with in the past… but while on holiday in Cape Town… I met up with some friends at a restaurant called *Hudsons* – Burger Joint … after some miscommunication about *which* branch to meet up… we finally settled into a booth.

Unfortunately, by the time we had phoned to book a table, they were no longer accepting reservations – but after explained that we would be there at 6pm and some of us needed to leave before 8pm due to movies… they told us to just arrive and hope for the best. So we managed to secure a table for 4, but one that we needed to vacate by 7.30pm for the group who had managed to book the table…but this gave us ample time to order a drink and a burger.

Glancing around the restaurant (the Claremont branch)… I realised that it was 6pm on a friday afternoon/evening and that the restaurant was PACKED (and I do mean sardine tin packed) with students!! And maybe a few working folk (the ones that I have just got a job, that is)… but if I had to gander a guess on the average age there – it would be around 22-25! So I felt old… but with half price cocktails, draughts and appetizers until 6.30pm… who can blame them from taking advantage of this kind of a deal! I would have done the same thing …

Thankfully the burgers arrived before I had too much time to dwell on the fact that my wrinkle-free years are now behind me…

I had been lured into ordering Orginal Royale (but with an ostrich patty) – which promised me a burger topped with bacon, cheddar, chilli and battered onion rings! Cha-ching! My pants actually tightened at the thought… so I was grateful that I was wearing pull-on’s!


Shells ordered the Plain Jane – a beef patty without interruptions (but she had managed to save the tomato salsa sauce from her chilli popper starters… so it wasn’t entirely *naked*)


Johann and Leigh got Shroom burgers… yes… you guessed it, Beef patty topped with cheddar cheese and creamy mushroom sauce!

Everything looked and tasted as it should… but for the price (approx R50-R70 a burger, plus and additional R12 per portion of fries) – I think I would probably prefer my Spur Burger Monday night special instead!

And although I would go back again – or at least try out one of the other branches… the table that we sat at, was directly next to the kitchen – so the smell of grilled burgers permeated my clothes and I got home smelling like dinner 🙂


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