Eat pizza and help children!!

I love this marketing line… * we’re the reason you crave pizza* and how absolutely true!

Col’Cacchio pizzeria was started in 1992 and has now become synonymous with delicious crisp thin based pizza’s and phenomenal gourmet toppings! With 19years of experience and 18 branches across South Africa… not to mention being voted Best Italian Franchise Restaurant in JHB in 2011 – it just goes to show that this formula is clearing working for them!

When I lived in Cape Town after doing my undergraduate degree – somewhere between my post-graduate attempt and working,I was introduced to this resto (which probably wasn’t even a franchise yet!)… and I remember that their pizza’s were truly suitable for all people – even a friend of mine who used to get the most horrible debilitating migraines if he ate MSG loved them… so meeting at Col’Cacchio’s was easy – because there are absolutely NO preservatives or added MSG in any of their dishes.

Even family friendly! Not that I have children… but this is a restaurant that keeps those little tykes busy… by giving them dough to play with, cut out shapes and eventually have it cooked for them… so, while it keeps the kids busy, mom and dad can have a happy evening (and in some cases other diners reap the benefits as well!! :))

With their half/half option (at a minimal extra cost), I opted for half of my crisp, wood fired gourmet pizza to be topped with Pollino Di Verdure (seasoned chicken breast strips, tandoori spices and baby marrow/courgette – although I am convinced I tasted cinnamon on the courgettes… and it was delicious) – while the other half was topped with Prostituto (no tomato base – bacon, spinach, feta and avo – also VERY YUM)

They are even running a *pizza challenge* this year – calling all wannabe pizza chef’s to submit their work-of-art pizza – which could be featured in their menu in August 2012 and (more importantly) win a years supply of free pizza slices (helllooo!) – so I know that I am already starting to think of my favourite toppings and how it could possibly WOW the judges! BUT this isn’t just for fun – for every Celebrity Chef Pizza sold, R5 will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Trust, fundraiser for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s hospital and pediatric Healthcare in the Western Cape (this will be used to upgrade wards B1 & B2 which treat the hospitals youngest patients with chronic illnesses)…

SO COME ON… What are you waiting for?? Eat Pizza and help Children get better!!!

Visit your local Col’Cacchio’s today 🙂


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