Barnards know how to Braai

I remember when I first arrived in Europe and realised that some of the words we use back home… are not necessarily the same as the ones that the rest of the world use!!

Robot… is actually a traffic light… and you can imagine the sniggers that I had to endure when I pointed out that we needed to turn left at the Robot *uhum traffic light*…

Takkies… otherwise known as trainers or running shoes

Bakkies.. vehicles that are able to transport the farmer and his goods… essentially

and my personal favourite… *braai*… the afrikaans word for a BBQ or grill and is a firm favourite social custom with ALL South African’s! But the biggest debate is normally whether it needs to be a wood, charcoal or gas braai! The latter is a bit of a cop-out if you ask me… and I know very few South African men who would opt for a gas braai when they have grown up with the tradition of wood and charcoal!

And lucky me… The Barnards invited me over for one of their LEGENDARY braai’s! There was boerewors (sausage) and spare ribs cooked to perfection… plus cheese/tomato/chutney braai-broodetjies (sandwiches) and a warm green veggie salad.

Thanks again to the Barnards for my bi-annual traditional *dop en tjop* experience…. definitely one that I hold close to my heart (and stomach)


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