My favourite gem is actually a squash and not a ruby!

I have never been a person who really misses something from home (in the food line anyway)… but I recently realised that there is one item of food that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into as soon as I get home!

the GEM SQUASH… which is a variety of the squash family – somewhere between a small pumpkin and a zucchini (courgette/baby marrow). Some say it belongs to the summer squash family – but they can be available in both summer and winter!).

And even though this gloriously round green gem originated in South America – it is the South African’s who really made it feel at home!

Essentially it is a dark green round fruit (yes – a fruit … because it has seeds :)) and when ripe is slightly larger than the size of a tennis ball. It can be boiled or baked… and normally cut in half with the seeds removed and then topped with either butter or brown sugar (trust the south african’s to add sugar to it, eh?… I can see Farmers wives rationalizing this because it is a fruit :)). Interestingly enough, the family that the Gem’s belong to even include some melons…

So I was super duper excited that my very first meal on South African soil recently was Mom’s famous Roast Pork with veggies… (for the purposes of this lunch – we will continue to call the Gem Squash a vegetable! :))… yum yum yum


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