Childhood memories reignited at Spur

When I was a child – going to a restaurant was a very special occurence… and even then, very RARE (unlike the world we live in now).

Once a month, on payday – we visited SPUR and the treat of ordering a Spur Burger was the highlight of the month! This was also the venue for Birthday dinners!!! Where the waitrons used to congregate around the table and sing *Happy Birthday* while handing over a Chico the Clown Ice-cream (ball of ice-cream topped with a cone to represent the clowns hat and the ice-cream was decorated to look like the clowns face) and sometimes topped with a sparkler!!!!!!!

So even now – when the option of visiting a Spur on the trip home (this is the reason that I haven’t posted for the last 2weeks – because I have been enjoying a delightful 2week break in Cape Town)…I was overjoyed! The grin on my face was from ear to ear as I relived the moments of pure joy and happiness that only a child can know!!

Spur Steak Ranches have been around for over 40years, with the first branch being opened in Newlands, Cape Town offering tasty, nutritious and value for money meals (the cost of burger in those days was a mere 40 South African cents). There are now 237 local restaurants and even 28 international ones!!

And they continue to offer Value for Money with their daily specials… which is when Mom and I got to enjoy our *buy 1 burger, get 1 for free* Monday specials!! Yippee-yeah!! These burgers are grilled and served on a sesame seed bun, with a large portion of fried onion rings and chips (which can always be substituted for veg, salad or a baked potato).

My personal favourite is the 160g ground beef patty burger – while mom loves their Rib burger… Mmmmmm


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