ITSU health and happiness at Heathrow

Flying between Europe and South Africa has never been an easy task – normally there is always at least ONE connecting flight… one in Europe (as Brussels does not have a direct flight to SA…grrr) and sometimes the flight is to JHB and I need to get the next connection to Cape Town… all of this actually just adds more hours to the journey… oh how I wish someone (hint hint… SAA or Brussels Airlines) would finally create a direct link from Brussels to Cape Town!!!

On the upside… my new favourite airline BA, gets me to Cape Town in comfort, friendly service and I don’t even need to change terminals at Heathrow!! Woo hoo!

With my flight from Brussels to London delayed by an hour… and then my flight from London to Cape Town also delayed by more than hour… and having at least 4hours to wait…I decided to treat myself.

I walked from one side of Terminal 5 to the other… and debated on what kind of foodie treat I needed… nothing to heavy as I would be sitting for the next 12hours… nothing that would require toilet visits 🙂

And I found it!!!

My favourite food… (or at least one of the top 100)… SUSHI!!!

ITSU is about Health & Happiness…  Health because it is light and nutritious and Happy because it isn’t rabbit food!

And I wasn’t dissappointed!…

I got some tasty duck maki (on the right) – duck, carrot, chives and hoison sauce (around 4pounds) and a sushi box with prawn nigiri and prawn california rolls… (around 6-7pounds)

YUMM… the perfect treat before boarding a flight to home….



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