Beetroot and Cream Cheese Towers

I think that one of the HUGE benefits of being *Freshly pressed* (which unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of…. just yet) is that you get exposed to other blogs that you might not ordinarily found… and I love looking at the selection that the WordPress team has made on a daily basis and reading some of the blogs… some are comical, some are informative and some… like *Nice and Knit* are creative and inspiring!

(FYI – Freshly pressed is the term used by WordPress (the blogging website) whereby they showcase the best of over 400,000 bloggers every day with a few daily *freshly pressed* blog posts ranging from every topic under the sun!)

*Nice and Knit made it onto the Freshly Pressed page with their Portobello Burgers – but reading through some of their earlier posts got me to *Red Beet Ravioli* which looked so appetizing and screen-licking good – that I knew that I had to try it!!!

So on Saturday evening when I had two North American friends visiting (one Canadian and one American)… and since Beef Wellington was on the menu as a main course – I thought that this Beetroot and Cream cheese Tower would be the perfect gentle starter to the evening!

Beetroot and Cream Cheese Towers

4 beautiful round balls of beetroot (cooked and peeled)

tub of 200g Soft Cream Cheese (if you want more of a contrast in flavours – use Chevre – or even Feta)

Some Mint

Olive Oil

Toasted Pinenuts

It really is as simple as the girls on the Nice & Knit blog say it is!

  1. Slice the beetroot into disc shaped
  2. Layer the cheese between the discs
  3. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic
  4. Add Mint and Toasted pinenuts
  5. Dig in!

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