Light and Tasty chocolate roulade – even Weight Watchers approves :)

Yes – Weight Watchers actually likes this recipe… and how do I know? Well – they featured it in their Weight Watchers Cook Smart Entertaining cookbook!!!

I am never able to get the roulade to look as perfect as it does in the picture – but I reckon that the taste is SPOT on… really delicious and low in calories!! Hallelujah!!!

(and No – I am not converting to that horrible 4 letter word – although I know that I probably should… sigh… another monday)

Chocolate roulade

150g Caster sugar

8 egg whites

a pinch of cream of tartar

50g cocoa powder

1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract

mint sprigs

200g natural yoghurt

50g white cooking chocolate (melted) – but I don’t add it as I think the yoghurt and fruit is sufficient as a filling

1 Tablespoon Caster sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

200g fresh raspberries (and few for decoration)

  1. Spray a 33x23cm wiss roll tin with cooking spray, line with a greaseproof baking parchment and dust with 2 Tablespoons Caster sugar
  2. whisk egg whites with cream of tartar until they form peaks
  3. Add remaining caster sugar a little at a time and continue until mixture is thick and glossy.
  4. fold in cocoa powder and vanilla essence.
  5. Scrape mixture into prepared tin
  6. Bake for 30min at 180C
  1. Leave to cool
  2. make filling – mix yoghurt, melted chocolate, caster sugar & vanilla essence.
  3. spread evenly over unrolled roulade and add berries
  1. roll up the roulade using greaseproof baking sheet to help
  2. Decorate with mint and remaining raspberries and serve!!

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