Beef Wellington for my guinea pigs

It is just over a week before I head off to (somewhat more sunny) Cape Town… and before I go, I wanted to catch up with a few friends… breaking bread together and cooking a few new recipes. These people have all volunteered to be guinea pigs for my cooking 🙂

5people could make dinner only on Friday night and 4people could make dinner on Saturday night – so I have thought up two different menu’s for both nights … remembering that my American friend has indicated that she prefers lemon to chocolate… and that M is allergic to melons and avo’s (sad but true!)

One of the recipes that I have been eyeing for months and just haven’t had the time (or balls) to make is a Beef Wellington (which my mom says was all the rage when she and my dad were entertaining when they were newly married)… but you no longer see it served at dinner parties… or do you???

I found this recipe where I find all my recipes (ta da!) and this one was written by Gordon Ramsay… so it has to be good – right?? (Plus I kind of have a thing for Gordon… pretty much in the same way that I have a thing for Hugh Laurie as Dr House… strange – but true)

Beef Wellington

500g button mushrooms (stalks removed and finely chopped)

olive oil

sprig of thyme (leave stripped off)

600g beef fillet

1 Tablespoon English Mustard

500g puff pastry

3 slices parma ham

1 egg beaten

50g flour

1/2 egg (how the f*** do you get half an egg???)

125ml milk

1 Tablespoon chopped mixed herbs (once again – I am not being lazy – but my bottle of dried mixed herbs will be used here)

1/2 Tablespoon melted butter

  1. To make the crepes, whizz the flour, 1/2 egg and milk with a pinch of salt in a blender or processor until smooth
  2. Pour into a jug & stir in the herbs and seasoning
  3. leave to rest
  4. Fry the mushrooms in little olive oil until most of their moisture has evaporated – leaving a thick paste
  1. Add thyme leaves and seasoning, cook a little longer and leave to cool
  2. Stir the melted butter into the crepe batter
  3. heat 15cm crepe pan and oil lightly
  4. Pour enough batter to make a thin layer on the base of the pan
  5. cook until top surface sets, then turn over and cook briefly
  6. Remove and repeat to use up the rest of the batter (makes more than you need, but you need to keep the thinnest ones for the Wellie)
  7. Sear the beef all over in a little oil in a very hot pan
  8. Brush with mustard, season and allow to cool
  9. Lay a large sheet of clingfilm on a kitchen surface and put 2 crepes down, overlapping somewhat
  10. Lay over the parma ham
  11. spread the mushroom mixture over the ham
  1. put Beef in the middle
  2. Roll the clingfilm up, taking the crepe with it in order to wrap the beef completely into a nice meat log
  1. Chill for an hour
  2. Heat oven to 200c
  3. Roll out the pastry, remove the clingfilm and wrap the beef in the pastry like a parcel with ends tucked under
  4. Trim to keep nice and neat
  5. Brush with egg, score with shallow lines across the top and chill for 20min
  6. Cook for 20min
  7. To check to see if meat is done (stick a skewer into the beef, count to 3 and then test against the inside of your wrist – cold, then beef is raw; warm then beef is rare and if is hot, meat is cooked through)
  8. Leave to rest for 20min

My carving ability is shocking… so I don’t have a beautiful picture to show you of how it looked like on a plate… but I can tell you that it tasted WONDERFUL… but is more than 3hours worth of work… so am not entirely sure that I will do it again….


2 thoughts on “Beef Wellington for my guinea pigs

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  2. Oh that beef wellington was really REALLY delicious! I did enjoy it with the gravy and roasted potatoes too….mmmm comfort food… 🙂 THANK YOU for another great dinner! 🙂

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