Mommabear’s summer salad

My mother makes this amazing salad which essentially represents the taste of Summer… fruit and prawns with a tangy lemon dressing (sometimes she dresses it with a sweet chilli sauce mayo – which is more-ish!!)

The flavours work so perfectly… and the mint seems to bring all them together… in fact – the epitome of the salad reflects my mothers soul đŸ™‚ Perfectly balanced! She brings people together and has been called *Mommabear* by myself and my friends since the beginning of High School!

I have memories of my friends coming to visit me in PE for Friday night movies (video’s in those days), and then half of them used to land sitting on the floor of my mother’s bedroom chatting to her!! She is the best person in the world for advice – she can grasp the problem and provide a variety of solutions within seconds (Super Woman has nothing on her :))… this is only one of her amazing traits and if I had to list them all here – I would run out of space.. but one thing that I can say – is that she truly is my Hero!!!

This salad can be served as a starter, side salad or as a main meal …. and it is easy to put together as long as you have the appropriate fruit (avo’s and pawpaw) that are ripe!

Prawn, Avocado and Pawpaw salad:

1 ripe Avo, peeled and cubed

1 small Pawpaw, de-seeded, peeled and cubed

2 cups of cooked prawns, deveined and cleaned

2 cups of mixed green salad leaves

1 tomato, cubed (optional)

Mint sprigs

Lemon juice

pinch of salt

  1. Mix cooked prawns with avo and pawpaw
  2. Serve either next to or on top of the mixed green salad leaves
  3. Tear mint leaves and place on top
  4. Sprinkle lemon juice and season with salt

Printable version available here


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