the ULTIMATE cheese and tomato toastie

We know that I love cheese … and we know that I am a HUGE fan of tomatoes… so what better combo than putting these two items together… especially on bread and then toasting it until the cheese gets all nice and gooey… eh???

Sounds pretty decent to me~!

A spanish friend of mine introduced me to the spanish item of Pan Tumaca (Bread and Tomato) which is a traditional Spanish recipe (invented in Catalonia… but thought to have been brought there by Andalusian emigrants) .

Pan Tumaca

White bread (baguette works pretty well)

1 Tomato

Good splash of olive oil

Pinch of Salt

half a teaspoon of sugar (my addition… not the spanish :))

Garlic (optional)

  1. You will need to peel the Tomato… and the easiest way to get rid of the skin is to cut a cross across the top of the tomato… and then place into a dish filled with boiling water … turn after about 5minutes… and then you can use a knife to peel the skin off (starting with the already created cross on the top)
  2. Grate the Tomato
  3. Add olive oil, sugar and salt
  4. Lather onto your bread – this is essentially the base for the Pan Tumaca…. but in order to improve on this, you need to add Jambon Serrano (variety of Spanish Ham)

Ultimate cheese and tomato toastie

Everything as per above

Half a ball of buffalo mozzarella

sprinkle of Gruyère cheese

  1. As per steps above
  2. Now add cheese 🙂
  3. and I like to add a dash of mixed herbs (almost makes it more pizza-ish)
  4. Place in the oven at 190C for about 5-10min



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