Friday night traditions

I remember when I lived in Johannesburg (all by my lonesome) and friday nights were the evening that I just wanted to chill at home, on the couch with my laptop (and facebook) and a pile of DVD’s… and before I knew it… a tradition arose.

I used to stop at the Douglasdale centre – pop into the DVD shop and get a rental (or two… preferably a new release or a horror)… then 2stores down into the Woolies for a ready-made pizza base…. plus cheese, ham, green pepper and mushrooms – head home and I would make my very own Regina type Pizza (of course, while I had a bowl of crisps and had poured a glass (or two) of wine (the good old Woolies Zesty white was my preference at the time)).

I had, what the Belgians call, an American kitchen … which essentially means open plan kitchen/living room… so I would pop in the DVD and start watching while I unpacked the grocery bag, got the oven on and sliced, diced and added toppings to the pizza base… and during this time, the stresses of the week seemed to melt away… it was the start of the weekend and the feeling of relaxation started to settle in.

It sounds strange, but then when I moved to Brussels, I rarely stuck to this tradition … as there always seemed to be something happening… dinner with friends, ballroom dancing lessons with a previous sod, sitting at the airport getting ready to visit another European city, etc… but every once in a while, I get the opportunity to come home after a long week, put my feet up (in my *lounge clothes*) and think…*TRADITION TIME*.

At the end of my street, on the corner (a mere 20-odd steps away from my front door) is a little Pizzeria called La Regina, which looks very unassuming from the outside… and if you didn’t know about it, you wouldn’t even know that they have about 4 tables in the back!!

They make AWESOME pizza’s… CHEAP and CHEERFUL… extra thin bases (which are a joy to watch the chef transform from a ball of dough into this extra thin, almost perfectly round frisbee … covered in their homemade tomato sauce and topped with your favourites!

M loves their aubergine and parmesan pizza, while R favours the parma ham and rocket… Mine is the Regina (boring but brilliant)… and within a few minutes… you have a hot, cheesy and soul fulfilling pizza!!

La Regina

Rue Washington 64A – 1050, Ixelles, Brussels (they also have a branch in Schuman area)

+32 2 649 3001


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